Hollow shaft slip ring 20 Circuit 2A.5A.10A.15A.20A for automation machines

Hollow shaft slip rings for maximum space efficiency where space is limited. Hollow shafts are rotating profiles with an open interior. As an empty tube, hollow shafts are suitable for installation on an axle or for cable feed-through. In addition, hollow shafts with a gas or liquid flowing through them are often found in hydraulic, pneumatic and media lines. To make them rotatable, the industry offers special couplings. These ensure continuous rotation through 360° without the user having to fear leakage. The hollow shaft slip rings are the ideal complement for these special kinetic profiles.

A hollow shaft slip ring is fitted onto the hollow shaft. One or more screws fix the slip ring to the hollow shaft. With light loads, the clamping force is sufficient to fix the slip ring permanently to the shaft. If the wall thickness of the shaft is sufficient, the connection is improved by a screwed-in threaded hole.

The slip ring then has a positive connection that reliably prevents slipping. When using slip rings on media lines, it is important to ensure that the heat of the gases and liquids matches the operating temperatures of the modules. Hollow shafts are also very suitable for passing through the inner cable harness. It is thus protected in a particularly sustainable manner.