Hybrid Slip Rings – 1channel Pneumatic+10channelsElectric

Advantages of the Miniature Hybrid Slip Ring

Miniature hybrid slip rings offer the following advantages:

  • Low unit price
  • Large constructive design possibilities
  • High reliability
  • Low weight
  • Low installation space
  • Easy installation

A rotating union that can pass gas pressure, liquid and electrical energy at the same time is a huge relief for designers. They practically only have to design up to the transfer points and can leave this critical point to a tested and proven series component. In addition, the hybrid design is space-saving. This makes it ideal for slewing rings where space is at a premium. Finally, the miniature design is also very low in mass. The low weight not only has energy-saving properties for vehicles and aircraft. It also has great advantages for dynamically exposed positions.

Robot arms equipped with these lightweight components at intermediate joints generate significantly lower impulse forces during acceleration and deceleration from rotational movements. This protects the entire structure and extends the service life of the bearings in your applicatio