DHS045-43-1F Non-standard customizable photoelectric combination slip ring focus on fiber optic slip rings

Photoelectric combination slip ring

The DHS045-43-1F series is a photoelectric combination slip ring that integrates power supply, signal and optical signal.

Using optical fiber as the data transmission media can be used in high-definition video transmission systems, microwave communications, medical equipment, sensor signal measurement, radar and video surveillance systems and other devices that require 360-degree rotation to conduct electricity and transmit optical fiber signals.


  • Can transmit single or multiple optical fiber signals, multi-channel rotation;
  • Optical fiber connectors are available in FC, SC, ST, SMA or LC (PC and APC), etc.
  • It can mix and transmit power supply, control signals, instruments and micro power signals required for computer automatic control;
  • It can be used with traditional electric slip rings to form photoelectric hybrid bus rings to transmit power and high-speed data;
  • No contact, no friction, long life, up to 100 million revolutions (more than 200-300 million revolutions for a single core);
  • Safe and reliable, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference, and can be transmitted over long distances;