Ingiant Pancake Slip Rings 2 channels for Power and Signal Transmission.

PCB slip rings without housing in ultra-flat design. Rotor PCB and brush holder for complete integration. Screw or adhesive mounting. Customised and combined power and signal versions possible.

Pancake slip rings for short shafts or especially many contacts. Pancake slip rings are the ideal solution for equipping short shafts with any number of contact options. These components get their name from their round, flat shape. This makes them look similar to pancakes. Other names for these components are flat slip rings or disc slip rings.

Their essential difference to conventional slip rings is that the transfer points are not arranged linearly, but vertically to the axis of rotation. This means that pancake slip rings can be very thin. In the vertical axis, however, they build up correspondingly high. This makes them ideal for installation positions where only a very short shaft is available but there is sufficient space in the transverse direction.