Ingiant RJ02-501 dual channel high frequency joint slip ring

High-definition microwave coaxial radio frequency rotary joint is also called high-frequency slip ring and radio frequency slip ring.

It is a high-frequency slip ring specially developed by Ingiant for radar, satellite antenna and other equipment. Devices for high-speed serial digital signals or analog signals such as signals and microwave signals.

This series of products supports single-channel or multi-channel high-frequency signal transmission alone, and can also support high-frequency signal mixed transmission with 24V control signal, communication signal, power supply, and fluid medium. The high-frequency signal adopts a 50Ω characteristic impedance RF coaxial structure head. Other specified connectors can be switched, and wire specifications RG178, RG316, RG174, etc. are optional.


  1. Can transmit high-speed high-frequency (coaxial radio frequency) signals without error;
  2. Support 1~2 high-frequency (coaxial RF) channels;
  3. 1~96 power/signal channels can be mixed;
  4. Superior insertion loss and VSWR;
  5. Suitable for satellite antenna, vehicle, radar, microwave antenna test bench and other fields;