Ingiant customized solid shaft slip ring 1channel 10A for remote operated vehicales

The DHS series uses special technology to obtain multiple contact points between brushes and rings, low frictional torque, reduced mechanical noise and low wear.

Slip rings can be used in any system that requires the transmission of electrical and/or power signals to intermittent or continuously rotating shafts. Due to the smaller ring diameter, the DHS series achieves low peripheral speeds between the brushes and the ring and reduces dynamic unbalance, which means very low wear. In addition, the use of precious metals (gold on gold alloy) ensures a long service life, reduces noise and interference between circuits, and low frictional torque.

Application filed:

Agricultural machineries, Surveillance Camera.,Mechanical handling,Lifting equipment and cable reelers,Construction machines,Capping machines,Control systems,Medical robots and systems,Packaging machines,Robotics, recreation facilities ,Satellite assemblies,Wind tunnels,Sub sea applications,Remote operated vehicales