DH46E-5F-D76-L141-001 Optoelectronic rotary joint 76mm 5channels fiber optic 46 electrical military grade

Optoelectronic rotary joint Optoelectronic slip ring FORJ DH46E-5F-D76-L141-001

DH46E-5F-D76-L141-001 series optoelectronic rotary joint has 5-channel optical fiber, 46-channel circuit, outer diameter 76mm, supports single-mode and multi-mode, uses optical fiber as the data transmission carrier, is suitable for harsh environments, and is an optical series, Optoelectronic systems solve rotational transmission problems.

Our advantage:


  • Product advantage: Our products convince by high performance, wear resistance and high material quality of the contacts, which leads to high plant availability, flexibility and an economic price/performance ratio. A special focus is also placed on minimum friction and the lowest possible maintenance intensity.
  • Company advantage: As manufacturer of various slip ring bodies,Ingiant elies on a combination of targeted design processes, a selection of the best raw materials, professional production conditions, 100% quality control and professional assembly at the customer’s site.
  • Customised advantage: we offer modular slip ring systems that can be completely individually adapted to your needs. our slip ring bodies are convincing even under rough environmental conditions and temperatures.


  • Large data transmission capacity and high transmission rate
  • Suitable for long distance transmission
  • No packet loss, no electromagnetic interference
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Extra long service life