DHS100-92-4F Specially customized photoelectric rotary joint 100mm combination with 4 optical fibers

DHS100 series photoelectric rotary joint can transmit 4 optical fibers, and the entire product is very compact, specifically designed for applications with space size requirements.

4-way optical fiber and 1-92 electrical channels, with an integral precision conductive slip ring made of all aluminum alloy structure. Electrical circuit support signal (2A), 10A, 50A, voltage 600VAC/VDC.

Photoelectric rotary joint, also known as photoelectric slip ring or photoelectric collector ring, uses optical fiber as the data transmission medium to provide the best technical solution for data transmission between system components connected by rotation. It is particularly suitable for applications that require unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation, while also transmitting large capacity data and signals from a fixed position to a rotating position. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to the fiber optic due to the rotation of the active joint. It can be used in conjunction with traditional electronic combiner rings to form an optoelectronic hybrid combiner ring, transmitting power and high-speed data.



  1. Single mode, multi-mode optional
  2. Fiber optic connectors available in FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC (PC and APC)
  3. Support high-capacity data transmission and resist electromagnetic interference