DHS070-36-2F Optoelectronic slip ring 70mm includes 2 optical fibers and 36 electric power channels

DHS070-36-2F optoelectronic slip ring includes 2 optical fibers and 36 electric power channels. Optical fiber single-mode and multi-mode are available. The structure is very compact, with an outer diameter of only 70mm.

Optoelectronic slip rings, also known as optoelectronic hybrid slip rings (combination of fiber optic slip rings and conductive slip rings), are rotating connection devices that can continuously rotate 360° without restriction and transmit current, telecommunications data, light energy, and optical signals at the same time. Optoelectronic slip rings Rings are particularly suitable for high-speed signal, large information capacity, high precision, and long-distance transmission. The optical fiber slip ring is fully sealed, and the optical signal is non-contact and independently propagated. It will not interfere with electrical signals and is not subject to electromagnetic interference. It has strong adaptability to application environments, such as low temperature, high pressure and electromagnetic interference environments.


Typical application:

High-end robots, high-end material conveying systems, rotating turrets on military vehicles, remote control systems, radar antennas, optical fiber sensing and other turntables (rate tables) transmission and control of high-speed video, digital, and analog signals, medical systems, and video surveillance systems , ensuring national or international safety systems, submarine operating systems, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, etc.;