Ingiant Customized large hole diameter Pancake slip ring inner diameter 250mm 30 channels 3A

Pancake Slip Ring – DHK250 Series

Support customization, ultra-thin minimum thickness 6mm

Pancake slip ring is a flat large-diameter slip ring used in rotating systems with height restrictions. It has the advantages of low contact pressure, high data transmission, and low electrical noise. Mainly used in occasions with strict restrictions on installation height, requiring 360-degree continuous rotation and ensuring that power supply, digital signals, and analog signals cannot be interrupted.



  • High speed, large diameter design
  • Minimum thickness 6mm
  • Use high-quality elastic pieces or fiber bundles
  • Simultaneous transmission of current and signals
  • Fast delivery cycle

Typical applications:

Such as revolving doors, medical CT, security inspection equipment, and other industrial automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, and welding Robots, etc.;