Ingiant non-magnetic slip ring for aircraft 4 channels 1A

        Non-magnetic slip ring is Ingiant customized designed for one of our aircraft customer, as customer need to do test for aircraft engine working speed, so non-magnetic environment is very important.

The product is use special non-magnetic material for production, 100% make sure the environment is non-magnetic, customer use the product very well, they use Ingiant slip ring success doing the test.


  • Type: Electric power / Signal, non magnetic slip ring
  • Installation type: solid shaft, flange install
  • Application: aircraft, signal/data/power rotating transfer
  • Material: aluminum alloy, SS, gold, silver, engineering plastic, etc
  • Rotation speed: 0~300RPM (0~1.6 rad.min-1)
  • Current: 0~300A
  • Voltage: 0~1000V

Product description:

  • Item No.: DHS100-4-1A (1.3KG)
  • 100mm solid shaft, flange install slip ring
  • 4 wires with 1A electric signal

Customized slip ring non magnetic

  • High quality, long working life
  • Aluminum alloy housing and inner structure
  • Gold electric contact