DHS092-26-6F Customized photoelectric slip ring combination with 6 optical fibers, outer diameter 92mm

DHS092-26-6F photoelectric slip ring can transmit 6 optical fiber and 26 electrical signal paths at the same time. It is suitable for 360-degree unrestricted, continuous or intermittent rotation, and at the same time needs to transmit large-capacity data from a fixed position to a rotating position. , signal place, it can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid damage to optical fibers due to the rotation of movable joints.

Photoelectric slip ring, also known as photoelectric combination slip ring or photoelectric rotary joint, photoelectric hybrid rotary connector. Generally, the optical fiber slip ring is installed at the center of the through-hole conductive slip ring. The optical fiber slip ring and the conductive slip ring rotate coaxially and synchronously, and can transmit high-definition video signals, etc. When optical fiber transmits signals, it has a long life due to the fact that there is no contact coupling in the rotating connection.



  • Can transmit single or multiple optical fiber signals, multi-channel rotation;
  • Optical fiber connectors are available in FC, SC, ST, SMA or LC (PC and APC), etc.
  • It can mix and transmit power supply, control signals, instruments and micro power signals required for computer automatic control;
  • It can be used with traditional electric slip rings to form photoelectric hybrid bus rings to transmit power and high-speed data;
  • No contact, no friction, long life, up to 100 million revolutions (more than 200-300 million revolutions for a single core);
  • Safe and reliable, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference, and can be transmitted over long distances;


Typical applications:

High-speed video, digital, and analog signal transmission and control of radar, robots, material conveying systems, rotating turrets on vehicles, remote control systems, radar antennas, fiber optic sensing and other turntables (rate tables), medical systems, video Surveillance systems, subsea operating systems to ensure national or international safety systems, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, etc.