DHS075-14-1F Optoelectronic hybrid slip ring combines 1 optical fiber and 14 electrical channels

Optoelectronic hybrid slip ring, 1 fiber optic+14 electrical channels


1-channel optical fiber (supports single-mode/multi-mode), which can be used in situations where 360° infinite continuous or intermittent rotation is required, and large-capacity data and signals need to be transmitted from a fixed position to a rotating position. It can improve mechanical performance and simplify System operation to avoid damage to optical fibers due to rotation of movable joints.

Using optical fiber as the data transmission media can be used in high-definition video transmission systems, microwave communications, medical equipment, sensor signal measurement, radar and video surveillance systems and other devices that require 360-degree rotation to conduct electricity and transmit optical fiber signals. Provides the best technical solution for data transmission between rotatingly connected system components.