DHK013-25-001 13mm inner diameter through hole industrial bus slip ring used for radar

Industrial bus slip rings are specially designed for various industrial bus data transmission. Supports different bus types, such as CANBUS, Profibus, EtherNET, DeviceNET, RS422, RS485, RS232, PLC, DP, CC-LINK, etc.

Industrial bus slip ring DHK013-25-001 series, inner diameter 13mm, through-hole structure, suitable for rotation applications requiring outer diameter ≤ 13mm. 25-channel hybrid Ethernet, servo power supply, radar power supply and other signal transmission


  • Can transmit current, sensor, control circuit, Ethernet and other signals
  • Stable performance, large return loss, small insertion loss, anti-crosstalk
  • Unique coating process, long service life
  • Optional RJ45 network interface
  • Compatible with data communication protocols