DHK083-12 through hole 100MHz Ethernet slip ring 12channels for small network system

100MHz Ethernet slip ring

DHS083-12 is a through hole 100MHz Ethernet slip ring with an inner diameter of 83mm. It can be used to install rotating systems with shaft diameters less than or equal to 83mm.

100MHz Ethernet slip ring and Gigabit Ethernet slip rings have a wide range of applications and are particularly suitable for transmitting high-quality video signals, which can ensure the signal transmission rate and reduce losses to the greatest extent. Typically Ethernet slip rings are made from high-quality optical fiber, which helps reduce vibration and prevent corrosion. It uses a plug-and-play RJ45 interface to transmit 100M or 1000M network signals, so it is also called a network cable slip ring.

Features of Ethernet slip rings:

  • Compatible with data bus protocol
  • ​Long life, no maintenance, no lubrication required;
  • 360-degree continuous rotation to transmit power or data signals;
  • High communication speed, up to 1000Mbps supported;
  • ​It can be mixed and transmitted with power signals and other complex signals;
  • Excellent electrical contact materials ensure low noise and long service life of signal transmission;
  • Various connector types are optional;
  • The slip ring has a long service life and is maintenance-free;
  • Gigabit Ethernet transmission can work continuously at high speed (up to 300 Mbit/s);
  • High protection to meet various harsh application environments.

Typical applications

  • small network system
  • video surveillance system
  • stage control system
  • Industrial automation control
  • Various network cables and RJ45 interface transmission