Through hole slip ring with aviation plug, hole diameter 85mm

Through hole slip ring, also called hollow shaft slip ring, what is a through hole slip ring? Structurally divided, it is also called hollow shaft slip ring.

The scope of use of this kind of slip ring is mainly those places that require unlimited continuous rotation to transmit power or data from a fixed position to a rotating position. Its manufacturing process and principle are similar to other slip rings, all of which are contacted by brush beams and contacts. , to transmit current, signal and other data from the fixed position to the rotating position.

The basic technical parameters of through-hole slip rings mainly include outer diameter, inner diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed and so on.The application fields of through-hole slip rings are very wide, mainly including medical rotary CNC workbench, CNC machining center, wire reel, packaging machinery, wind power generation equipment, etc., in many components that need to transmit signals in fixed and non-fixed structures , need to use through-hole slip rings.