Standard hole diameter 50mm through hole slip ring 40 channels 2A

DHK050 is a standard through hole slip ring. There is a φ50mm through hole in the center of the shaft through which air pressure, hydraulic pipes or drive shafts can pass. Multi-contact precious metal fiber brush contact, long life design, precision double ball bearings, aluminum alloy shell, optional mounting flange. It has the characteristics of reliable operation, low driving torque, low electrical noise and small size.


  • Modular design
  • The signal current can pass through the same slip ring
  • Up to 2500 rpm (optional)
  • No maintenance required
  • It adopts advanced precious metal cluster brush multi-point contact to ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction;
  • It can stably transmit 1~72currents/signals,
  • A variety of standard specifications can be customized upon request;
  • Can mix and transmit video, data and other signals, and supports mixed transmission of signals and power;
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install.


  • Rotating platform, test equipment, cable drum;
  • Robots and rotation sensors
  • Booth equipment;
  • Medical equipment