Ingiant through hole slip ring 3 channels 40A and 2 channels 10A

Through hole slip ring is a kind of slip ring with a hole in center. Same meaning as through bore slip ring, sometimes called as hollow shaft slip ring.

Through hole slip ring totally meet with continuous transmission of power, signals, weak current, high current, high voltage under 360 degree unrestrained rotations. Low torque, low electrical noise, low loss and easy maintenance as the main features.

The process manufacturing and principle are similar to other slip rings. Power, signals and other data are transmitted from the fixed position to the rotating position through the contact between brush and the contact. Gold brush and contact will increase the working life. The basic technical parameters of hole/bore slip ring mainly include bore outer diameter, bore inner diameter, length, circuits, voltage, current, maximum speed, etc.

The length is variable and can be customized arbitrarily, while the outer diameter and inner diameter have some standard dimensions in through hole electrical slip rings industry. The number of circuits are the one core parameter for this series products, larger the number of circuits, more complex manufacturing process, higher the price cost.