DHS060-7 100M Ethernet slip ring 1 channel 100M network diameter 60mm 2 channels power

Ethernet slip ring – DHS065-7 series

Accept customization, transmit 1 channel 100M Ethernet signal

Product features

  • It has the advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, anti-crosstalk, large return loss and low insertion loss
  • The fiber brush contact structure ensures the product life
  • Stable transmission of 100M Ethernet signal
  • Integrated structure design, easy to install
  • Protection level IP51-IP68 optional
  • Standard models are available and can be customized
  • RJ45 male and female connectors are optional
  • Use high-quality Ethernet cable
  • Maintenance-free

Typical applications

  1. Test equipment:

Testing instruments, centrifugal test benches, separators

  1. Robots:

Process control equipment, packaging equipment, stackers, die presses

  1. Exhibition/display equipment:

Revolving doors, product booths, car booths, revolving restaurants

  1. Medical equipment:

Helicopters, shadowless surgical lamps, radar communication equipment