DHK025-19 INGIANT 1000M Ethernet slip ring with hollow shaft hole diameter 25mm 19channels

Ethernet series 1000M Ethernet slip ring


  • The Ethernet slip ring is specially designed for 250MHz frequency signals.
  • It is designed to transmit 100M/1000M Ethernet signals.
  • It has stable transmission, no packet loss, no cross-coding, small return loss, small insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability, and supports POE Etc.
  • Ethernet slip rings can mix electrical power paths and signal paths.
  • It can transmit up to 8 Ethernet channels at the same time, and provides RJ45 connector for direct plugging and unplugging Support RJ45 connector, ultra-low BER bit error rate and ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Various types of Ethernet slip rings, Gigabit network cable slip rings, and 1000M network slip rings can be customized


Typical Applications:

Industrial Machinery – Combined machining center machine tools, rotary indexing tables; Heavy equipment turrets, cable reels, test equipment; Packaging machines, stackers, magnetic clutches, process equipment; Rotary sensors, emergency lighting, robotics; Exhibition/display equipment , medical equipment