DHS090-21-3S 90mm 3-channel RF rotary joint + electrical + 2channels 100M network signal

DHS090 series RF slip ring RF rotary joint

3-channel RF rotary joint + electrical + 2channels 100M network signal combination slip ring

Products specially developed to meet the transmission of high-speed serial digital signals or analog signals. The maximum transmission rate can reach 40GHz.

This series of products supports the independent transmission of single-channel high-frequency signals, and can also support the mixed transmission of high-frequency signals and 24V control signals, communication signals, power supplies, and fluid media.


  • Support 1,2,3,4,6,8 high frequency channels
  • Can mix 1~96 channels of power/signal
  • Perfect standing wave ratio VSWR
  • Suitable for large-capacity data transmission without delay
  • High-speed transmission of ultra-high-definition video data
  • Widely used in satellites, radars, mobile antennas, mobile communications and other equipment
  • Various types of high-frequency slip rings, high-frequency rotary joints, high-frequency rotary joints, coaxial rotary joints, waveguide rotary connectors, etc. can be customized.

Applications include radar antennas, military, air traffic control, space and other fields that often require receiving and transmitting multiple frequency signals.