DHS088-51-3S RF slip ring diameter 88mm 3channels RF signals used for radar antenna

RF slip ring – DHS088 series

Highly customized requirements, frequency DC-4.5, DC-18, 14-14.5GHz

RF slip rings are mainly used to transmit RF signals, high-definition signals, microwave signals, etc. The internal key material brush must be made of highly elastic and wear-resistant materials, and the surface of the electric ring must be treated with military-grade special plating to ensure reliable transmission of high-frequency/radio frequency signals.

RF slip rings produced by Ingiant support single-channel or multi-channel high-frequency signals, and can also be mixed with communication signals, control signals, gas-liquid media, power, etc. for transmission


  • Frequency: DC-18GHz
  • Hybrid power supply or signal transmission
  • Low insertion loss, excellent standing wave ratio
  • Support 1-3 RF channels