DHS074-46-6S RF slip ring support 6 RF channels hybrid 46 channels power or signal transmission

RF Slip Ring – DHS074 Series

Highly customized requirements, frequency DC-4.5, DC-18, 14-14.5GHz


DHS074-46-6S RF Slip Ring supports 6 channels of radio frequency signals, and can also be mixed with communication signals, control signals, gas-liquid media, power, etc. for mixed transmission. The internal key material brushes are made of highly elastic and wear-resistant materials, and the surface of the electric ring is treated with military-grade special plating to ensure reliable transmission of high-frequency/radio frequency signals.



  • Frequency: DC-18GHz
  • Hybrid power or signal transmission
  • Low insertion loss, excellent standing wave ratio
  • Support 6 RF channels


RF slip rings can also be called RF rotary joints. It is used to transmit radio frequency signals between the rotor and the stator in a rotating system. It is often used to transmit high-frequency signals, that is, high-frequency slip rings are commonly used. RF rotary joints can be divided into coaxial rotary joints, waveguide rotary joints and waveguide-coaxial rotary joints. Applications include radar antennas, military, air traffic control, space and other fields that often require receiving and transmitting multiple frequency signals.