Customization through hole slip ring 130mm 6 channels 10A

.Customization through hole slip ring

Why do you actually need slip rings and rotary unions?

When the two parts of the machine rotate relatively 360 degrees without limit and continuous rotation, the wire needs to be connected to the rotating part, and the problem of wire winding will be encountered.

At this time, a current connector (conductive slip ring) is needed to solve the cable winding caused by the 360 degree rotation ) to transmit power current and signal current.

Slip rings are the only way to enable reliable, maintenance-free and low-wear power transmission, signal transmission and data transmission with simultaneous high system availability . Slip ring transmitters or rotary unions are also used for the wireless transmissionof liquid media (fluids) such as oil, water, grease and emulsion. The transmission of compressed air and gases can also be made possible by means of corresponding rotary unions.