Ingiant hollow shaft slip rings aperture 25mm, 3-way 30A, 2-way 10A

Hollow shaft slip rings

Hollow shaft slip rings for maximum space efficiency where space is limited. Hollow shafts are rotating profiles with an open interior. As an empty tube, hollow shafts are suitable for installation on an axle or for cable feed-through. In addition, hollow shafts with a gas or liquid flowing through them are often found in hydraulic, pneumatic and media lines. To make them rotatable, the industry offers special couplings. These ensure continuous rotation through 360° without the user having to fear leakage. The hollow shaft slip rings are the ideal complement for these special kinetic profiles.

Installation of the hollow shaft slip rings

The installation of the hollow shaft slip rings is very simple. They are pushed to the desired position and fixed there with the clamping screws. If they are to be mounted on a solid profile, it is recommended to drill a threaded hole. This makes the connection form-fitting and particularly durable. A drop of Loctite ensures that the screws cannot come loose even in the case of strong vibrations.