DHK050-5-200A hole diameter 50mm through hole high current conductive slip ring 5 channles 5 channels with 200A each

High current conductive slip ring, high-power conductive slip ring DHK050-5-200A

DHK050-5-200A high current conductive slip ring is designed specifically for transmitting 5 channels of 200A high current each. The installation method, wire specifications, and outlet form can be customized according to needs. The insulation material used in high current conductive slip rings has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance. When designing mechanical structures, both the characteristics of high current and electrical insulation, installation and maintenance should be considered.

Product features

  • Low contact resistance, low friction heat generation, and long service life
  • Bundle type fiber brush technology, gold to gold contact
  • Maximum design voltage 6000V
  • Maximum design current 1000A
  • Aluminum alloy shell, easy to install

Typical applications: Large equipment, such as large communication equipment, large machining centers, antenna radar systems, large cranes, mining machinery, large cable reels, etc.