DHK012-6-10A Ingiant Standard hole diameter 12mm series through hole slip ring 12 channels 10A

DHK012-6-10A series through hole slip ring

Through-hole diameter 12mm (applicable to any outer diameter: 56mm; number of channels: 6, integrated precision conductive slip ring with all-aluminum alloy structure. Supports signal (2A), 10A power supply current, voltage 0~440VAC/240VDC, working voltage can be customized to 1000V; protection level can be customized to IP68.

Product Features

  •  Multi-contact brush contact design, long service life
  •  Integrated structure design, easy installation
  •  6 channels, 10A/channel
  •  IP 54 protection level, customizable IP68
  •  Can integrate multiple signals, compatible with multiple data protocols
  •  Maintenance-free use


Typical application 

  • rotating platform
  • Packaging Machinery
  • cable reel
  • Drying and mixing equipment;
  • Test Equipment
  • Robotics and rotation sensors
  • Booth equipment
  • medical equipment