DHS048-35-1F photoelectric slip ring combination single channel fiber optic slip ring

Single-channel optical fiber slip ring, photoelectric slip ring, which can transmit 1 optical fiber and 1 to 35 electrical channels at the same time, is an integral precision conductive slip ring with an all-aluminum alloy structure. The electrical path supports signal (2A), 10A, 20A, voltage 600VAC/VDC.

Photoelectric slip rings are currently the most technically difficult series of industrial slip rings. They are mainly used in situations where 360-degree continuous rotation requires guaranteed power and fiber optic signals that cannot be interrupted.


  • Mixed optical and electrical signals, able to adapt to harsh environments
  • Long service life
  • Compact design and small size
  • Easy to install
  • Synchronous transmission power, ordinary signals and optical signals
  • Lightweight

Typical applications:

High-end robots, high-end material conveying systems, rotating turrets on military vehicles, remote control systems, radar antennas, optical fiber sensing and other turntables (rate tables) transmission and control of high-speed video, digital, and analog signals, medical systems, and video surveillance systems , ensuring national or international safety systems, submarine operating systems, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, etc.;