DHS050-62 diameter 50mm flange slip ring stator flange slip ring precision conductive slip ring

DHS050-62 series stator flange slip ring

DHS050-62 series conductive slip ring, outer diameter 50mm, stator part connecting flange.

  • Solid slip ring with no through hole in the center, suitable for stator flange end face installation
  • Can achieve more channels and larger current.
  • Internal wiring and special shielding modules are conveniently designed and more stable and reliable.
  • Usually such products are used to customize various types of sensitive signals or encoder signals.

Typical applications:
Industrial machine machining centers, rotary tables, heavy equipment towers, cable reels, packaging equipment, magnetic clutches, process control equipment, rotation sensors, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, revolving doors, etc.;