Ingiant ID28 solid shaft slip ring 39 channels for engineering machinery

The so-called sliding contact of a slip ring body, optionally a fiber brush or fiber brush, and our reliable technology enable a wireless power and signal transmission between stationary and rotating components. Or between two components rotating differently or against each other.

Only slip rings can provide reliable, maintenance-free and low-wear power transmission, signal transmission and data transfer while ensuring high system availability.

Slip rings and rotary joints can do even more. They are used for the wireless transmission of liquid media such as oil, water, grease and emulsion, as well as for the transmission of compressed air and gases.

The areas of application for slip ring assemblies are diverse and growing all the time. For example, slip ring assemblies are used in wind power, robotics or crane technology. They are also elementary components in electromechanics and industrial communications.
Due to the wide range of applications, slip rings are available in a wide variety of designs.