DHS024-24 flange install solid shaft capsulated slip ring 24mm 24channels

High-quality encapsulated miniature slip rings for combined power and signal transmission for use in space-critical applications. Mechanical and electrical specifications can be adapted according to individual requirements.

Installation of Capsulated Slip Rings

We have made the installation of the capsulated miniature slip rings as user-friendly as possible. The slip ring is attached to the flange of the housing with the pre-drilled holes at the desired position. The flange can be designed as rotor flange or stator flange and the included mounting holes can also be customized. Make sure that this position is always exactly in the center of the rotation axis. Slight eccentric movements can still be intercepted.

Larger deviations may cause mechanical stress on the ball bearing, which may have a negative effect on the service life. The colors of the incoming and outgoing cables are identical. Mix-ups are impossible. After installation of the slip rings and connection of the current-carrying lines on both sides, the slip ring is ready for use.