DHK010-13 Ethernet slip ring transmit 1000M Ethernet and 1~13 channels power/signal

Ethernet slip ring- 1000M Ethernet + 1~13 channels power/signal

DHK010 series Ethernet slip ring, hole diameter 10mm (applicable to anything <=10mm), 1000M Ethernet integral precision conductive slip ring with all-aluminum alloy structure, capable of mixed transmission of power current, signals, etc. It has the advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, no aliasing, small return loss, and small insertion loss.

The Ethernet slip ring is specially designed for 250MHz frequency signals. It is designed to transmit 100M/1000M Ethernet signals. It has stable transmission, no packet loss, no cross-coding, small return loss, small insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability, and supports POE Etc.

Ingiant Technology Ethernet slip rings are wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant. Because Gigabit Ethernet signals are to be transmitted, the contact parts must be made of special materials and shielding measures must be taken. Currently, 1000M Ethernet slip rings adopt 1000BASE-T technology and use Category 5e cables. The bit error rate index of the slip ring 1000M Ethernet system must meet the 1000BASE-T protocol standard.