DHS100-42 OD100mm high-end solid shaft radar slip ring 42channels long life, maintenance-free

DHS100-42  Solid Shaft Radar Slip Rings

DHS100-42 Radar slip rings are durable in harsh environments, can transmit large amounts of data and signals, and are guaranteed not to be leaked or electromagnetically interfered with. They have ultra-low attenuation losses and ultra-low transmission fluctuations.

The electric slip ring in the radar slip ring adopts the fiber brush bundle process that does not require lubrication, which truly achieves long life and maintenance-free use. The maximum transmission rate can reach 50GHz, and it can also support the mixed transmission of high-frequency signals and 24V control signals, communication signals, power supplies, and Ethernet. The high-frequency signal is a 50Ω characteristic impedance RF coaxial structure head.

The power supply of the radar system is divided into two parts: high-voltage power supply and low-voltage power supply. The low-voltage power supply is mainly used to supply low-power parts such as digital circuits, control circuits, and communication circuits in the radar system. Low-voltage module power supplies are usually used to provide stable low-voltage DC power for these parts to ensure the normal operation of the radar system.

Ingiant accepts customized slip rings or rotary joints with transmission power, ordinary signal, CAN signal, analog signal, synchronous signal, high-definition signal, etc.