DHS099-16-2F Customized Military Grade 99mm photoelectric slip ring combination 2 optical fibers + 16 power or signals

Photoelectric Rotary Joint Photoelectric Slip Ring FORJ DHS099

DHS099-16-2F series photoelectric slip ring, with 2 channels of optical fiber, 16 channels of circuit, outer diameter 99mm, supports single mode and multi-mode, uses optical fiber as data transmission carrier, suitable for harsh environments, solves the problem of rotation transmission for optical series and photoelectric systems.

Product features

  • Large data transmission capacity, high transmission rate
  • Suitable for long-distance transmission
  • No packet loss, no electromagnetic interference
  • Compact design
  • Applicable to harsh environments
  • Extremely long service life

Typical applications:

High-end robots, high-end material conveying systems, rotating turrets on military vehicles, remote control systems, radar antennas, fiber optic sensors and other turntables (rate tables) for high-speed video, digital, and analog signal transmission and control, medical systems, video surveillance systems, submarine operation systems to ensure national or international security systems, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, etc.;