Ingiant high current slip rings 72 channels for lifting equipment

The unique structural design of the high current slip ring and the use of top-grade imported graphite alloy as the contact material can pass currents up to several hundred amperes, with long life, maintenance-free, lubrication-free, and can transmit power or data signals through 360° continuous rotation.

Basic Features: 

In view of the performance requirements of high current slip rings and the characteristics of certain industrial products, the inter-ring structure is designed as a special empty frame type, which is convenient for maintenance and conducive to heat dissipation. It is made of imported carbon brushes, with large carrying capacity and less dust. The current can reach 2000A per ring, and the operation is stable and reliable. Unique structural design and high-quality contact materials, working speed, shell material, working temperature and protection level can be customized. It is mainly widely used in navigation fields such as construction machinery and ship machinery.

Typical application:

This series of products are mostly used in lifting equipment, rotary table, marine machinery, construction machinery, cable reel and military applications, etc.