DHS145-207 compact automation slip rings up to 1000 rpm diameter145mm 207 channels

Compact automation slip rings up to 1000 rpm

Compact slip rings for complex industrial power and signal transmission. Advanced fiber brush technology, long service life and low contact resistance. Power and signal transmission can be combined.

Automation slip rings are available with rotor and stator flanges or without flanges. For power and signal transmission (Ethernet, USB, RS, CANbus, video signals, sensor signals, etc.). Inside the automated slip ring, we use state-of-the-art fiber brush technology and silver-to-silver or gold-to-gold multi-contacts. Slip rings feature low electrical noise, low contact pressure and long life, and are suitable for high data rate fieldbus transmission. We offer standardized and modular designs as well as fully customizable products based on our customers’ specific requirements in a variety of applications.


Advantages of automated slip rings

  • Shield interference signals
  • Impact resistant housing
  • Acid-resistant housing material
  • Corrosion-resistant housing
  • Minimized internal wear
  • Signal transmission is very reliable
  • Long life ball bearings