DHS050-30-2A Standard solid shaft slip ring 30channels 2A

What is the function of the solid shaft slip ring?

In the operation of mechanical equipment, 360 degrees of rotation is needed to achieve the purpose of automatic production, but in this process, the wire line will be wound together with the rotation of different parts of the machine, resulting in damage or burn of the machine.

In order to solve this problem, a method is adopted to disconnect the wire and keep the wire contact at least one end without rotating with the machine. Such a product is called conductive slip ring, the function of slip ring is to solve the wire winding and invented, is the best way to solve the 360 degree rotation of mechanical equipment, in many mechanical equipment, especially automatic mechanical equipment, often used.

In some special areas, such as control signal source, transmission power supply, micro electrical signal, optical signal and other different transmission media, at the same time can be transmitted without interference, this situation in many areas of high-end industrial equipment will be used, so the role of the slip ring is very huge!