DHS022-28-2A high-quality capsulated slip ring 22mm 28 channels 2A for turntables

Capsulated Slip Rings for Power- and Signal Transmission

Compact Slip Rings with outer diameter from 5.5mm to 54mm

High-quality encapsulated miniature slip rings for combined power and signal transmission for use in space-critical applications. Mechanical and electrical specifications can be adapted according to individual requirements


Capsulated slip rings look like hats, are compact in design, small in size and easy to install.

  • The product adopts American military surface treatment technology and super-hard gold plating to ensure extremely low resistance fluctuation and long working life.
  • Mainly used to transmit weak control signals and weak currents in small and medium-sized systems. Such as video, control, sensing, power, Ethernet.
  • With low torque, low loss and maintenance-free; low electrical noise


Typical applications: drones, stabilizers, smart homes, security monitoring, photography, robots, test instruments, turntables and automation equipment