DHS025-33-003 diameter 25mm flange slip ring,stator flange conductive slip ring with 33 channels

Flange slip ring, stator flange conductive slip ring, solid shaft slip ring, no through hole in the center, suitable for stator flange installation.

Since there is no through hole in the middle of the stator flange conductive ring, more paths and greater current can be achieved under the same outer diameter. This type of product has sufficient internal space, convenient design of internal wiring and special shielding modules, and is more stable and reliable.

DHS025 series stator flange slip rings are the general name for a series of slip rings with connecting flanges on the stator part with an outer diameter of 25mm.


  • Solid slip ring with no through hole in the center, suitable for stator flange end face installation
  • Can achieve more channels and larger current.
  • Internal wiring and special shielding modules are conveniently designed and more stable and reliable.
  • Usually such products are used to customize various types of sensitive signals or encoder signals.

Typical application:

Industrial machine machining centers, rotary tables, heavy equipment towers, cable reels, packaging equipment, magnetic clutches, process control equipment, rotation sensors, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, revolving doors, etc.;