Ingiant custom solid shaft slip ring 128mm diameter 93channels for engineering machinery

Conductive slip rings are widely used in weaponry, security monitoring, wind turbines, stage lighting, amusement facilities, packaging machinery, robotic arms, engineering machinery, medical machinery, maritime ships, cable reels, measuring instruments and other industries. Next, INGIANT Technology will tell you about the 4 key links in the selection of raw materials for conductive slip rings.

The key link of raw material selection of conductive slip ring, conductive slip ring is also called slip ring, collector ring or middle rotary joint. In practical application, several key links of raw material selection must be paid attention to:

  1. The actual working situation of slip ring installation.
  2. Is there any vibration?
  3. Cable sheath characteristics of conductive slip rings.
  4. Problems such as working speed and wear resistance of the slip ring.