Ingiant high precision capsulated slip rings 60 mm 53channels

Use of Capsulated Slip Rings

        These components are designed to establish a reliable electrical connection between a stationary and a rotating component. For this purpose, our capsulated miniature slip rings always offer maximum operational reliability at low cost. By using the capsulated miniature slip rings, you get an excellent safety reserve for unforeseen failures even in seemingly uncritical environments. Our capsulated miniature slip rings are therefore an extremely cost-effective contribution to increasing the operational reliability of your systems. In particularly demanding applications, such as aviation, space travel or the handling of chemicals, the capsulated slip rings make a significant contribution to general operational safety. Reliability, robustness and power reserves characterize each of our components

Depending on requirements, mechanical and electrical specifications can be customized.
Thanks to their robust encapsulation, they are true all-rounders and offer reliable protection against various disturbance variables such as:

  • Ingress of dust
    Moisture ingress
  • Electrical interference fields
    Shocks, blows and vibrations