Ingiant large current encapsulated miniature slip rings 17wires 16mm

What are encapsulated miniature slip rings needed for?

Encapsulated miniature slip rings in very tight spaces and compact device dimensions.

The tiny rotary transmitters are no larger than the tip of a thumb and are therefore particularly versatile.
Every day, the encapsulated miniature slip rings prove their worth in a wide variety of applications such as medical and pharmaceutical equipment, in examination lights and test equipment, in webcams and surveillance cameras, in rotary tables and packaging machines, or in revolving doors.

Depending on requirements, mechanical and electrical specifications can be customized.

However, miniature slip rings can be much more than just small and space-saving. Thanks to their robust encapsulation, they are true all-rounders and offer reliable protection against various disturbance variables such as:
Ingress of dust
Moisture ingress

Electrical interference fields
Shocks, blows and vibrations