DHK030-27-4Q Gas-electric hybrid slip ring through hole 30mm combined 4 channels pneumatic slip ring

Compact Hybrid Slip Rings – Pneumatic + Electric

This hybrid Slip Rings is a low-torque, extremely cost-effective rotary joint (also called a pneumatic slip ring or pneumatic electric). The speed can reach up to 600RPM. It can transmit compressed air independently, and can also transmit vacuum and negative pressure at the same time. Power signal is mainly used in situations where 360-degree continuous rotation requires ensuring air pressure, vacuum, power, and signals cannot be interrupted.


  • 4-way pneumatic/pneumatic electric combined rotary joint, pneumatic slip ring, rotary pneumatic joint, with G1/8″ thread
  • It can optionally pass through power lines, signal lines, industrial buses, and control lines at the same time.
  • Solenoid valve, induction line, etc.
  • Pneumatic slip rings and rotary gas joints are flange-mounted as standard
  • The media that can pass through are: compressed air, vacuum and other gases


Typical application:

Various automated non-standard equipment, lithium battery equipment, mobile phone testing equipment, high-end mobile phone equipment, various laser equipment, coating machines, coating separator equipment, packaging film equipment for soft pack batteries, bonding equipment, laminating equipment, Electronic semiconductor industrial automation equipment; photoelectric flat panel display (LCD/LCM/TP/OLED/PDP) industrial automation equipment, testing equipment, other automated non-standard professional equipment, etc.