Ingiant Radio Frequency slip ring diameter 48mm

Radio Frequency slip ring-High frequency signal is used by 50Ω impedance of RF coaxial structure. for others connector can be switching, and lead wire RG178、RG316、RG174 available.

Apply for satellite Antenna, vehicle, radar, Microwave antenna test bench….etc, it can support single-channel or multi-channels, high frequency for transmission, also support 1~2 channel DC~50GHz RF signals, communication, 1~96 circuits power or signals supply, fluid mixing transmission medium.

Customized specifications can be choose as below:

  • Rated current, voltage
  • Working speed
  • Working temperature
  • Channels

Product Advantages:

  1. Excellent coaxial design makes the connector have ultra wide bandwidth and no cut-off.
  2. Multiple electric contact structure, effectively reducing relative jitter.
  3. Compact size, the connector is inserted for easy installation
  4. High speed transmission of UHD video data
  5. Suitable for large capacity data transmission without delay