DHS020-9 high frequency conductive slip ring diameter 20mm 9 channels

DHS020-9 series high frequency conductive slip ring

High-frequency rotary joints are used in continuous rotating devices to transmit high-frequency signals between the fixed part and the rotating part. This type of slip ring can pass analog signals with frequencies up to 500 MHz-30 GHz and above. This series is divided into two types: single-channel high-frequency slip rings and multi-channel high-frequency slip rings.



  1. Compact size, meeting the demand for product miniaturization.
  2. Double precision rolling bearing support, low torque and long life.
  3. Can transmit power and data signals.
  4. Various specifications of flanges are available for easy selection.
  5. Gold-gold contacts, extremely low contact resistance.
  6. Compatible with data bus protocol.
  7. Smooth operation.
  8. Low torque.

Typical application:

  1. Military radar antenna, multi-axis three-dimensional space simulator, communication in motion.
  2. Antenna turntable with radio frequency signal, high-definition turntable supporting 1080P, 1080I and other HD-SDI.
  3. Multifunctional all-in-one machine (high-speed dome) that supports HD-SDI such as 1080P and 1080I.
  4. CCTV/camera instruments, test equipment, traffic control, and defense systems.
  5. Operating lights, centrifugal test benches, and separators.