Ingiant Solid flange type slip ring can be customized with 80 channel

Cap type conductive slip ring is a series of conductive slip rings with circular flange attached to the shell. Cap type slip ring looks like a hat, compact design, small size, easy to install.  Mainly used to transmit weak control signals and weak current of small and medium-sized systems. Such as video, control, sensing, power, Ethernet.  Low torque, low loss and maintenance-free;  Low electrical noise 。

DHS series cap slip ring is widely used in CCTV, high-speed ball, cloud head, measuring instruments and other industries, usually called high-speed ball special slip ring, cloud head slip ring, cheap price, flexible configuration, in addition to the application of high-speed centrifuge slide ring high-speed position changing machine slide ring, high-speed turntable slide ring, tube camera, security special equipment slide ring,  Heating tube rotating conductive slip rings, welding equipment sliding rings, rotary door sliding rings, mechanical arm conductive slip rings, exhibition/display equipment, Marine facilities, circular knitting machines, resistance cutting machines, etc.