Ingiant non-standard customization slip ring with 9 circuits , ID125 for packaging technology

Slip rings in packaging technology?

Due to the increasingly complex tasks of packaging machines, slip rings are becoming increasingly important. The range of applications and application areas of rotary unions in packaging technology is very wide. In addition to standardized solutions for the logistics industry and parcel shipping, many products are packaged under special environmental conditions.

These can be chemical liquids or gases in potentially explosive areas, or food and pharmaceutical products in clean rooms. In all cases, with our modular Ingiant slip rings, we can react flexibly to the respective requirements of our customers and produce the right rotary union for every packaging solution.

Typical applications for Ingiant slip rings in packaging technology are: packaging machines for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, thermoforming systems for packaging food and non-food articles under a protective atmosphere, filling systems, mechanical palletizing systems, robot-controlled palletizing systems, shrink film machines and cartoning systems.