Ingiant customized pancake slip ring 3 channels 350mm for industrial machines

Pancake slip rings

      The perfect solution for minimum installation heights – vertically arranged rings and pick-ups enable use wherever installation space is limited in the direction of the longitudinal axis.


  • Unique signal handling performance with minimal electrical circuit noise
  • Tight packaging to fit in the most demanding space constraints
  • Fully compatible with both analog and TTL control level signals
  • Precision ball bearings for long life
  • Sealed units available,IP67 optional
  • Rugged anodized aluminum construction
  • Available with Ethernet
  • Rapid delivery

Application filed:

  • Exhibit/display equipment
  • Packaging / wrapping machinery
  • Semiconductor handling systems
  • Industrial machinery
  • rotary index tables
  • Process control equipment
  • Heavy equipment turrets or cable reels
  • Emergency lighting, robotics Palletizing machines, Option
  • Medical equipment | rotary sensors, emergency lighting, robotics
  • Miniature cable reels