High current slip rings 56 channels for large machining centers

What is high current slip ring?

High current slip rings and high voltage slip rings are used for communication devices, large machining centers, antenna radar system, large cranes, mining machines, large cable reels. High voltage sometimes require more than 2,000 volts and high current sometimes require 500 amperes.

High Current/Voltage Slip rings

Available for custom, Max. 1000A, Max. 6000V

The using insulation materials must have excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and lubrication performance. When designing the mechanical structure, the characteristics of large currents need to be considered, as well as the electrical insulation design, installation and maintenance performance.
Although Ingiant offer modularized & standardized design for various application solutions as an original slip rings manufacturer. To create your most suitable high current/voltage slip ring connector, please feel free to contact us.