DHS070-70-2F 70mm optoelectronic rotary joint includes 2 optical fibers and 70 channels power signals

Optoelectronic rotary joint Optoelectronic slip ring FORJ

DHS070-70-2F series optoelectronic rotary joint has 2 channels of optical fiber, 70 channels of power and signals, an outer diameter of 70mm, supports single mode and multimode, uses optical fiber as a data transmission carrier, is suitable for harsh environments, and is suitable for optical series and optoelectronic systems. Solve rotational transmission issues.


  • Large data transmission capacity and high transmission rate
  • Suitable for long distance transmission
  • No packet loss, no electromagnetic interference
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Extra long service life

Typical applications

Robots,Material conveying system;Rotating turret on vehicle;Remote Control System

Radar antenna;Fiber optic sensing and other turntables;Medical system

Video Surveillance System;Protect national or international security systems;Subsea operating system